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MASKS Productions' mission is to produce material that will inspire, entertain and inform others about real social issues that impact the world.


Terryl Daluz and Mann Alfonso met while working as counselors in a group home facility in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California.  Terryl was in the process of writing a one-man show about kids growing up in the system when he realized that he needed a comedic twist to compliment his dramatic intensity.  Mann always had a way of making everyone laugh at their weekly in-service staff meetings; so Terryl asked him to come on board.  Terryl and Mann embarked on their creative journey of developing their two-man show, MASKS.


Once the writing was done they wasted no time in putting the play up.  They performed MASKS all over Southern California and at the NY Fringe Festival where they were reviewed as one of the Top ten shows to see at the festival.   MASKS was nominated and won an NAACP Theatre Award for Best Playwright at a star-studded event at the Kodak Theater.


Terryl and Mann have goals of taking MASKS on a national tour, to Broadway and to adapt it for television or the big screen.  They went on to produce a short film, The Fighter and The Clown an adaptation of their stage play MASKS.  The film includes Enrico Colantoni (Veronica Mars, Just Shoot Me), Starletta DuPois (The Notebook, Friday) and many other great up and coming actors.  The short was an official selection of The Hollywood Film Festival in 2010.  They also produced a documentary, MASKS UNVEILED, a one-hour pilot, THE SYSTEM and a half hour comedy, THE PAD.  Be on the lookout for MASKS Productions to put their stamp on the industry in the near future.

Our Team

Terryl Daluz and Mann Alfonso has a team of industry professionals that are also their friends who work with them on their projects.

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